Julie-PowersDeveloping keen promotional, public relations, and e-Marketing skills was vital in the 25 years spent as a respected talent manager and agent in the entertainment industry.

Julie Powers forged a sterling reputation for her insight and knowledge of what it took for performers to succeed in the world of entertainment. Comedians, talent executives, industry insiders, corporate meeting planners and venue operators came to rely on her judgment and vision.

During her tenure at TSM Artists Inc. Julie booked thousands of shows, produced live entertainment for various venues, including college and corporate clients, devised promotional strategies for comedians and developed marketing plans for nightclubs.

As she became more immersed in creating and promoting clients’ online brands, what began as a necessity became a full-blown passion. Web sites, blogs, and social media, employed uniquely and strategically, can help to tell an artist’s, performer’s or entrepreneur’s story persuasively.

Combined with real life efforts to transform talents, services, and innovations into economic goods, a successful online identity will attract people to your products or services.

Email or call 603-997-6963 to discuss the ways we can help to create or enhance your online presence.

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